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Introducing Ashley, CEO and founder of Skin By Nico, a skincare brand dedicated to empowering individuals with practical and simplified skincare routines. With a passion for skincare and a background in the US Navy, Ashley brings a unique perspective to the industry.

As a former consumer of various skincare products, Ashley experienced the challenges of oily skin, frequent breakouts, and a lack of guidance in managing these issues. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women of color in the skincare industry and the resulting lack of education, she embarked on a journey to deepen her skincare knowledge.

Driven by her commitment to empowering young black women and addressing their specific skincare needs, Ashley pursued extensive research and training. After seven years as a licensed massage therapist, she further expanded her expertise by becoming a licensed aesthetician. This holistic career background instilled in her the importance of using plant-based ingredients for our well-being and the preservation of the environment.

With a profound understanding of skincare and a dedication to simplicity, Ashley meticulously formulated a range of skincare products. She aimed to offer a highly effective routine while omitting harmful synthetic chemicals and non-effective ingredients. By creating Skin By Nico,

Ashley seeks to fill the void in the industry and provide representation for persons of color in the skincare world.

Discover Skin By Nico, where Ashley's expertise and commitment to inclusivity converge, and experience the transformative power of a simplified yet effective skincare routine.

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